Holy crap: An ode to Poo Pourri

It’s my new favorite product, and I haven’t even tried it at home.

This commercial is epic. The tagline on the bottle is “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.”

Remember my first blog post ever? Well, it explains this one. While I wait for my friends who have bought it to report back on if it actually makes your poop smell like rainbows and flowers (my bet’s on YES), here’s my ode to the wondrous Poo Pourri.

And yes, it may be October, but it’s sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree. Raised Jewish, and yet all my odes turn into Christmas carols. Don’t tell my parents.


Holy crap: An ode to Poo Pourri

O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
Your scent is so unchanging
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
The gift you’ve been arranging

Not only do you shield the cheek
But cover, too, our holy reek
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
No product worth exchanging

O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
Your label shines so brightly
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
You twinkle oh so slightly

I keep you near to sweeten me
And reaffirm morality
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
I’ll always use you nightly

O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
How do you do what you do?
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
Your specialty is doo doo

You dominate the Super Bowl
Your holy grail, is but a hole
O Poo Pourri! O Poo Pourri!
Your only enemy: the flu.

If you haven’t yet had your presence graced by this ad, here it is. Prepare to be amazed.

Can you hear the angels sing?

Can you hear the angels sing?


Afterword (yep, I’m feeling that pompous right now. I blame the commercial): I work in public relations (not for Poo Pourri, although I envy their marketing team) and I have always been intrigued by the advertising industry.

These days, there’s all this fantasmic mumbo-jumbo about content marketing, which means that putting out ads with either useful or entertaining consumer content engages more consumers and sells more of your product.

Poo Pourri is running YouTube ads that people don’t skip. People are buying their products. Holy crap. Literally. I wrote a freakin’ blog post about it. How do I get paid to write copy for ads like this? THIS, kids, is what it takes to get people’s attention these days. Love it.