5 things that suck about having curly hair


I have naturally curly hair. I used to straighten it all the time, but now I generally let it go. It takes too long to straighten and people seem to like it. People ask me if I curl my hair. I don’t get it–having curly hair SUCKS, and this is why:

1. Once it dries a certain way, it stays that way – Slept on it? Tied it in a ponytail? Pinned the bangs back (if you even have the patience for curly bangs)? Put it in a braid? It’s going to stay like that until you wash it, whether you like it or not. Straight-maned people may think this is an advantage, but trust me, when it takes 20 bobby pins to keep your hair from sticking straight up, you know how much this sucks.

2. It’s hard to get a haircut – Hair stylists usually have to pull pieces straight in order to trim them, so you never really know what the hair is going to do when it bounces back. Especially if you’re having your hair cut while it’s wet–you don’t know what Kraken has been released until it dries.

3. It gets in your face more easily – Because curly hair is generally lighter than straight hair, it flies everywhere in the wind, and sometimes even when there is no wind. It screams “pay attention to me!” before you finally tie it back, slop on some hair gel, and pull a hat over it. Drastic measures, but sometimes it calls for extremely unattractive measures.

4. It gets stuck in your clothes more easily – It can weave itself into your fabrics like a little sewing needle and thread. And then it never leaves.

5. It makes you feel bad seeing nice straight hair pulled back – What a waste. You have smooth, silky, frizz-free hair and you’re hiding it away in a bun or ponytail? I know you’re used to having it growing out of your head perfectly and waking up in the morning without having to so much as touch it, but COME ON! At least let it do its thing!

If only all curly hair looked this good...

If only all curly hair looked this good…

Does anyone else have similar problems? What else sucks about having curly hair? Anyone want to follow up and tell me what sucks about having straight hair? Because I need to feel better about myself.