What your ‘kid self’ would say to you now


Being an independent, semi-functional adult in a first-world country is pretty great. But sometimes we take it for granted. After a conversation with my boyfriend on this subject, if the kid version of myself could see me now, she’d have a lot of comments for me:

  • “The Spice Girls came to town on their reunion tour and you didn’t go??
  • “You can buy candy and eat bacon whenever you want?”
  • “You don’t need to shower if you really don’t want to?”
  • “No one tells you to brush your teeth every day?”
  • “You didn’t marry Zac Hanson?”
  • “You can watch TV whenever you want?”
  • “You don’t have homework?”
  • “What do you mean, Mom and Dad don’t take you everywhere anymore? On that note, you moved out of the house? But you had free food and no rent!”
  • “You have your own apartment but you don’t have pets? You don’t even have a cat?”
  • Specific to my boyfriend: “You can have every video game you want? And when a new console comes out, you can just go out and buy it?”

What would your kid self say to you if they could see you now?