Concepts that I, as a human, cannot understand

As a humble human being, there are some concepts that I cannot grasp. I think most humans have trouble grasping these concepts as well, even if they think they do. I don’t think our brains are wired the right way. Even if I were a well-researched scientist who understood that I couldn’t understand, I still wouldn’t understand. Understand?


1. Infinity – How can the universe always be expanding, and how is it infinite? Shouldn’t there be an ‘edge’? How can something go on for an infinite amount of time? How are there infinite numbers? What is a number? What am I? AAAAAHH!


2. Quantum physics – Because I’m not well versed in quantum physics I’m not even going to pretend to try and explain it (and this is partly why it made the list). But aside from tiny, near-invisible units behaving like they’re on crack and not making any sense to me, what really gets me is the Schrodinger’s Cat concept. How can something be both alive and dead as the same time? Well, I suppose Cher and Mick Jagger could answer that one, but you know what I mean.


3. Death – If I can’t even know what it’s like to be asleep or unconscious, how can I imagine what it’s like to be dead? It doesn’t matter if you believe in an afterlife or heaven or not, it’s just the idea of not being alive and walking around the earth. Weird. I mean, really weird. And what about before I was born? How was there ever a world without me? Or without you?


4. Time travel – I was once told about a theory where time is viewed like a string: if you figured out how to fold the string in half, you’d be able to travel backwards and forwards in time. Sounds way too simple to me. I don’t know about that one, but just the idea (whether possible or not) boggles my mind. Have you traveled through time if your body is frozen? They call it ‘cryonics’, and there’s a reason the word ‘cry’ is in it–it’s what you’ll do if you ever wake up. Maybe we could take whatever it is that keeps some frogs alive when frozen solid, and put it in our bodies. According to the internet, there are a few people who have been preserved in this way, but we’ll see what happens…

Now, imagine you went back in time and tried to explain modern technology. Would they laugh at you? Probably. Kill you? Maybe. Thanks to Fast Company Magazine, you can now see what might happen if you tried to explain the internet to a 19th century british street urchin.


If you could time travel, would you go backwards or forwards? To what year, and why?