Phrases to never say to a nerd



I’ve had my fair share of nerdy moments, but I have some friends who are much more the ‘traditional nerd’ type. Because of this, I’ve been privy to seeing what makes them tick, where their passions lie, and what really pisses them off. I thought I’d offer up some tips when you’re interacting with one of these not-so-rare types. Remember–next time you’re in the company of a ‘nerdy’ guy or gal, do not say anything remotely like the following:

  • “I didn’t think you were smart because you don’t wear glasses.”
  • “I threw away all your weird dice and action figures. You were done painting those, right?”
  • “I think I’ll go as Dark Vader for Halloween.”
  • “What are they doing with that big hardon collider?”
  • “You must really look up to Einstein.”
  • “Aren’t you too old for comic books?”
  • “I love nerds! You’re, like, that Big Bang Theory show guy.”
  • “You’re an engineer? You build bridges?”
  • “I hope you don’t mind that I’m talking to you while standing between you and your video game. Can you still see?”

…and anything that mixes up Star Wars and Star Trek. Which leads me to:

  • “I don’t get why Princess Leia doesn’t go for Luke Skywalker. He’s so cute!”

Agree? Disagree? What did I miss?

(UPDATE: Awesome Buzzfeed article on how the ‘fake geek girl’ trend needs to stop: