You know you’re a cat lady when…

As someone with a cat lady in my life, this has been a long time coming. Behold:


You know you’re a cat lady when…

    • You don’t know how many cats you have.
    • You’ve started pooping in the litter box because you don’t have ‘time’ to clean your own waste receptacle. If you haven’t done it, you’ve thought about it.
    • You don’t own a single item of clothing that doesn’t have cat hair on it. And washing machines–they do nothing.
    • You’ve started making clothing¬†from¬†cat hair and are trying to sell it on Etsy.
    • You dress down for your cats. “I can’t wear good clothing because I have too many cats. Resistance is futile.”
    • When forced to decide between the cats and the kids, there is only one possible response: “Well, the cats can’t take care of themselves!”
    • Your house is catered to the cats. Humans can’t interact properly with the furniture because it has been moved/covered/altered/turned upside down in order to keep the claws at bay.
    • You have kitschy things, all around the house, with pictures of cats on them (at least you didn’t put a bird on it). And it takes years of not noticing their abundance until someone finally sits you down and says “I think you have a problem.”
    • You don’t think it’s a problem.
    • When asked to name your favorite animal, you say “Well, I have so many favorites. Siamese? Abyssinian? Balinese?”
    • When out on the town, you text the people at home asking how the cats are doing.
    • You say “right meow“…by accident.
    • You’ve accidentally called your children by the cat’s name.

[Disclaimer: Not all of these apply to the cat lady in my life]

Did I miss anything?

Becca‘s comment inspired me to make a web badge to ‘make it official’ for those of you who nodded as you went down the list. Enjoy!

Now it's official.

Now it’s official.