The last five things you Googled

Have you ever gone back to your search history to see what weird stuff you’ve been looking up lately? Go ahead. Go look. Is it aliens? Barbies? Recent news? The guy/girl/raccoon you are about to go on a blind date with? Here are the last five things I Googled, along with their explanations:

1. Gossip Girl

I don’t even watch this show. I just kept getting Facebook updates saying that there was some big ‘twist’ in the series finale that required changing the name of the show to Gossip Guy. I wanted to know what this meant. Why? I don’t even watch this show. But I Googled it anyway. Here’s what I found (SPOILERS).Β Thanks for the closure of knowing that I definitely will never be even remotely tempted to watch.

2. Jingle all the way to hell

Because I was looking for this image:


3. Cell phone name

This stupid ‘find out your cell phone’s name’ thing kept coming up in my Facebook news feed. I thought it died after it first popped up last year, but someone brought it back. You apparently type out the last three digits of your phone number along with a few symbols in a comment and it gives you your phone’s ‘name’. It works–I mean, it gives you a name–but I knew that only three digits from your phone number weren’t unique enough to be attached to a name. So I Googled it and found this. The numbers correspond to an early Facebook user’s Facebook ID, not your phone.

4. World cheese aeards (awards)

Sometimes I let Google do the spelling for me. It knew what I meant. I heard that my favorite cheese in the world (cave-aged gruyere, purchased this week–drool) has been recognized multiple times at the World Cheese Awards. There’s really a competition for everything. I wonder what it’s like to judge that event. Anyway, did I learn anything from it? Others love this cheese almost as much as I do.

5. Grams in a ppind (pound)

Apparently I haven’t been able to spell anything this week. I don’t remember why I was looking up how many grams are in a pound, but this is one of the things I don’t like about living in Canada (or being a Canadian living so close to the US)–food products, ingredients and recipes are a mish-mash of imperial and metric. I am horrible with conversions. Thanks, Google–you’ve saved me yet again.

Now it’s your turn. Go to your search history and check out the last five things you Googled. If they aren’t horribly embarrassing (or even if they are), share them here!