Public restrooms need a poop isolation chamber

Public restrooms need a poop isolation chamber. I’m so sick of holding my breath each time I need to pay a quick visit to this special place.

In an ideal world, there would be one stall at the end of the bathroom with floor-to-ceiling, double-paneled walls and door. The walls would be made out of a special filter that simultaneously captures and eliminates bacteria and all unpleasant odors. The ceiling would host a powerful fan, loud enough to mask offensive sounds and to pull aforementioned odors through a vent into a separate purification compartment. There would also be an automatic Febreze dispenser in each corner of the stall.

There is no way that the sounds and smells of #2 would be able to infiltrate the other stalls, and anytime someone needs to ‘drop the kids off at the public pool’ they will assuredly be comfortable and able to unleash the Kraken to their heart’s desire. Myself included.

And now—for weird things I’ve recently seen posted above public toilets! (click images to zoom)

…Because I want a greater chance of my luxury goods falling off the hook and takin’ the plunge.

What? They want to deprive me of my toilet water now?