The best treats from my childhood

Grow out of candy? I say ‘nay!’

Holy crap: An ode to Poo Pourri

When a commercial makes you feel this good inside, you know it’s good.

Pictures of dogs on drugs

Dogs really shouldn’t do drugs.

Pictures of cats on drugs

Cats really shouldn’t do drugs.

Why I Hate Garden Gnomes

Only the most twisted, demented people put these on their lawns.

5 things that suck about having curly hair

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Unravelling the unicorn’s mystery

Why the unicorn has been MIA. Hint: It’s not slaughtering elves or fairies.

What your ‘kid self’ would say to you now

“You can buy candy and eat bacon whenever you want?”

What the birds and bees are ‘really’ doing

Stork, you’re drunk. Go home.